Homeowner Testimonials

 Katy H,

We’re still in our home.  Sean and his staff were very knowledgeable, calm, and professional.  No doubt they know what they’re doing.   Like I said, we’re living in our home so what more can I ask of them.

Todd M,

Six months behind on my Mortgage with Ocwen, denied 3 times for a modification on my own, my loan had already been recommended for foreclosure once, and I was scraping everything I had together just to keep from losing my home. I filled out some questions on the Internet and in no time, the calls were pouring in, 20 of them. I read ALL of the horror stories, literally, all of them. Then I received a call from Sean. We talked for about an hour and not just about my mortgage. Like me, Sean is a Veteran, and that means something to me. Don't get me wrong, I am an IT guy, I did all of my homework investigating every angle and every aspect of our discussion, but found nothing out of the ordinary. Still, I was a skeptic, why wouldn't I be? It sounded "Too Good To Be True" and I was desperate. As a Veteran, I put my trust in Sean and he and Rasha, his underwriter, did NOT disappoint. Five months after Sean reaching out to me, my Loan Modification was approved and I am able to rest easy!!

When Sean says he will save your home... He saved mine and I am forever grateful to both Sean and Rasha!!

Archie & Regina J,
I would like to say that Sean's company was a lifesaver.  I was turned down and scammed 
by another company and he promised me that he would get my loan modification approved.  Well, he did exactly that and I was able to get my adjustable rate converted into a low fixed rate with Nationstar Mortgage.  Anyone can contact me and I would tell you go with this company!!!   Plus you can always reach the President (Sean) at any/all times of the day.

Betty F,

An outstanding job!    Iwillsaveyourhome.com and it's President Sean and his Underwriter Rasha did an outstanding
job in saving my home!   We had Ditech as our lender they did it!!!    I could not have done it without this team!


Shealynn R,

I was skeptical at first and decided to try the modification myself but as my sale date got closer, I got more nervous, so I did my research on Sean and I decided to trust that Sean would be more experienced than I to get things done. Him and Rasha worked hard and fast and was able to save my home and get me into a lower house payment!

Norman D,

I would like to praise the work of Sean and Rasha at IWILLSAVEYOURHOME,.COM for all their fine work.  Due to a divorce, I was eight years behind on the payments to my mortgage company.  They were able to save my home.  It took over a year.  But when I contacted them, it seemed to be a given that I would lose my home.  They went to bat for me and never stopped working to save my home.  They were able to stop the sheriff sale on my house various times until the mortgage company offered me a modification plan.  A BIG THANK YOU goes to both Sean and Rasha.

Linda B,

My journey towards my loan modification approval with my previous lenders CHASE AND  later transferred to CALIBER was not easy. As a homeowner facing hardship because of unavoidable health diagnosis and medical bills
even with health insurance is a challenge, but finding a homeowner advocate that will fight for you is harder.  I did my research and by the GRACE OF GOD I found THE SERVICES OF SEAN FERRERO , President of IWILLSAVEYOURHOME.COM and Team Specialist RASHA. who worked so efficiently on my file. This company is the absolute best!  I had a lot of questions during the process and they answered patiently which is comforting to me especially with Sean Ferrero's always say to me " STAY WITH MY TEAM AND I WILL SAVE YOUR HOME" It was a long wait but I persevered and trusted 100% of the work that they were doing.  I can't think you all enough.

Again, thank you Sean and Rasha!

Bart A,
The only thing I can say about Sean Ferrero and his underwriters is that they know more than any of the companies out there.   I was scammed 3 times from other companies including 2 attorneys and they claimed to know what they could do but didn't.  Anytime you want to call the President (Sean Ferrero), he always answers his phone 7 days a week. When you talk with him, he actually cares and assures you that you will never lose your home.  After you speak with him, you will feel so comfortable and happy that you hired his company.  Stay away from these attorneys and companies that don't give you a guarantee in writing.

Nadene S,
I would like to say that I was working on my modification with numerous people for almost 6 years. 
I paid money to 5 different companies and no one was able to help me.   I had a USDA loan and I thought no one would ever help me.   When I got a call from Sean at IWILLSAVEYOURHOME.COM, I told him that there's no way you can help me.  He assured me that he would get me approved as long as my husband kept his income.  Let me say, it took him only 2 1/2 mo. but he did get me approved.   I am a believer and if anyone wants a guarantee not to lose their home, call Sean and his staff

and he will get it done!!!

Brett N,
I had lost my job and Sean had contacted me when PNC mortgage turned me down.  I was
very skeptical at first because 2 other companies said the same thing but I was approved the first time and I really couldn't believe he was going to get it done.  He is not only the best at what he does but he is always accessible by phone.  Anytime I would call him, he always answered!  He's the company you want if you want to keep your home.

Sharon L,
What can I say about Sean and his staff.  I had a first (First Mortgage) and second mortgage (HSBC) and he got both my loans modified without me ever having to pay the arrears that I was behind.  I was turned 
down twice before hiring them and this company really knows what they're doing.  Hire this company if you want to keep your home!

Carrie & Thomas O,
This company is the absolute best!!!  I was turned down several times with my mortgage servicer (Ocwen Mortgage) and Sean and his underwriter Rasha really know their stuff.  They were always accessible and
always answered their phone when I needed them.  I was so reluctant at first but when I called some of their testimonials, they told me they were best if you want results and want to keep your home.  They were more than 100% right!!!  Hire these guys at IWILLSAVEYOURHOME.COM and I can assure you that you will keep your home.

Scott C,
I am self-employed and have the most difficult lender in Ditech Mortgage.  I was turned down 3 times before Sean ant his company contacted me.  I was ready to throw in the towel but these guys are the absolute best and should 
be advertising on TV to get the rest of the country the help they need.  If I know anyone that is in foreclosure or has a Sale Date like I did, I would recommend IWILLSAVEYOURHOME.COM and let them do their magic.

Monica R,
Thank you Rasha for your professionalism in dealing with a client like myself.   Without your determination in assisting someone like myself who fell upon hard times, my thanks is not nearly enough.   In my opinion, I want to let you know how much you all helped me save my home from foreclosure.    It is priceless and Sean, it has been a pleasure to have you working so hard on my behalf and with that being said I'm so very grateful for what you both have done for me.

Thank you again!